Got so many meetings and occasions that you are losing track of them? I can handle your diary and ensure nothing conflicts as well as remind you of any important tasks or events coming up.

Swamped with emails? Still subscribed to mailing lists you wanted the freebie from but no longer interested in the rest and want off or do you have regular emails from customers asking general questions? I can help detox and also provide email support with your FAQs.

Do you have or want a monthly newsletter to send to your customers but not enough time to prepare this? I can create your layout and liaise with you monthly to collate this to be distributed across your mailing list as well as keeping an eye on your bounces and unsubscriptions.

Got lots of notes you struggle to read and would like cleaner, readable copies of or need correspondence or brainstorming sessions typed up from your recordings?

Have you got a meeting or gathering coming up and you need help reaching out to suppliers or to keep on top of attendees. I am here to help keep the calm in the chaos of event support.

Keeping records of customers or compiling spreadsheets can be difficult, especially when you are so busy and lose focus, leading to incorrect details. I will help collate this information into your systems so that you can access the correct details when needed.

And many other tasks

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“Money will come and go, but time will never be replaced.”